Bacon and the Louvre

During his frequent visits to the Musée du Louvre, Francis Bacon mostly admired artworks ranging from Egyptian Antiquities to French painting, and encompassing Archaic Greek art, Italian, Spanish and Dutch paintings. Some of these were a source of inspiration for his own paintings.

Ingres, Œdipe explique l’énigme du sphinx (1808)
Bacon, Oedipus and the Sphinx after Ingres (1983)

Michel-Ange, L’Esclave rebelle (1513-1515)
Bacon, Painting 1950

Rembrandt, Le Bœuf écorché (1655)
Bacon, Painting 1946
Bacon, Carcass of Meat and Bird of Prey (1980)

Ingres, Le Bain turc (1852-1859)
Bacon, Diptych 1982-84: Study from the Human Body (1982-84); Study of the Human Body – from a drawing by Ingres (1982)

Chardin, Autoportrait aux
Bacon, Study of Reinhard Hassert; Study of Eddy Batache (1979)