Foundation Mission

The Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation, a non-profit institution, is dedicated to promoting a deeper understanding of the art, life and working practice of Francis Bacon through a variety of initiatives.

Supporting research

Through its scholarships programme, the Foundation supports research on Francis Bacon. Our institution also collaborates on various projects with The Estate of Francis Bacon and participates in lectures on the British painter.

Encouraging artistic creation

Our Foundation also offers funding to emerging artists through its scholarships programme.

Developing an acquisitions policy

The founder has implemented an acquisitions policy to regularly enhance the collection (MB Art Collection) with new items to provide an essential tool for researchers and art historians at the Foundation.

Offering visits to the Foundation

Our institution opens its doors to art historians and scholars throughout the year and to the public for guided tours only.

Participating in exhibitions

The Foundation takes part in organising exhibitions dedicated to Francis Bacon, in conjunction with local and international institutions. By offering its expertise and agreeing to loans, it assists in staging these individual or collective exhibitions.

Supporting the publication of books and the production of films

The Foundation publishes and co-publishes books on Francis Bacon and books related to the artist. It also financially supports the publication of books and documentaries on the British artist and produces short films.

Francis Bacon photo booth image