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A new journal on Francis Bacon supported by the Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation

A new journal on Francis Bacon supported by the Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation


The Foundation is pleased to announce the release of Bacon Review, the first journal dedicated to Francis Bacon, launched and published by The Estate of Francis Bacon with the financial support of our institution.

The first issue of Bacon Review concentrates on neglected aspects of Francis Bacon’s life and work, presenting his achievements in startlingly new ways.

The journal is a collaborative effort, featuring contributions from experts in art history. Yvonne Scott's feature offers fresh perspectives on Bacon's admiration for ancient Egyptian art, while Gill Hedley's piece tells the story of Bacon's first important critic, Robert Melville. Sophie Pretorius's contribution explains the significance of Bacon's friendship with the artist Richard Hamilton.

Martin Harrison, the journal’s main editor, also writes a piece on the Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation’s activities and collection, focusing on a Jean Shepeard sketch of Francis Bacon which is part of the MB Art Collection (recently acquired from the sale of the Doreen Kern Collection, which Kern, Jean Shepeard’s niece, had inherited from her aunt).

In addition to these insightful features, Bacon Review also includes many previously unseen photographs from the artist's family archive. The publication promises several surprises that will delight fans of Bacon's work and provide a new lens through which to appreciate his art.

Details to order the journal here