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A new Foundation interview

A new Foundation interview


The Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation has just completed production of a new Foundation interview, entitled Yves Peyré/Francis Bacon: a continuing conversation.

Directed by Alain Amiel, this interview with Yves Peyré, French writer and poet, and a close friend of Francis Bacon, offers riveting insights into the British artist’s life and work.

Their shared tastes in literature and art, the passionate relationship that Bacon had with France and Paris, the great success met by his exhibitions in the French capital and the influence of Bacon’s work on contemporary artists are among the topics broached by Yves Peyré. A very enlightening interview on an artist who produced a unique and enthralling oeuvre.

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Louise and Michel Leiris, Francis Bacon and Yves Peyré, Galerie Lelong, 1987 (photo:Michel Nguyen)