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The Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation awards a scholarship with the École du Louvre

The Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation awards a scholarship with the École du Louvre


As part of its programme of scholarships, the Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation has entered into a partnership with the École du Louvre.

Every four years a research scholarship is given to a postgraduate from the École du Louvre who is undertaking a PhD thesis on Francis Bacon, or whose PhD thesis has a direct link with the British artist (eg. comparative studies between Francis Bacon and one or several artists, thematic studies about his work or his practice). The student’s research project could take a multidisciplinary direction, extending into fields such as literature, decorative arts, filmmaking and photography, so long as it is related to Francis Bacon.

The first scholarship has been awarded to Milan Garcin, a postgraduate of the École du Louvre, engaged in a co-supervision programme with Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense University. His thesis, entitled ‘From the library to the experience: an analysis of Francis Bacon’s iconographical territory’, concerns the place of the artist in art history. This place has been determined by his artistic practice, but is also based on his own life experience and on his gaze on the history of images, which allowed him to form, through a process of appropriation, his own visual and mental field.

Starting from an analysis of the bibliographical sources of Francis Bacon, held at the Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation Archive, and in several other European institutions, Milan Garcin’s research will explore the close links that the artist forged with Monaco and France, and the way in which they occur in his works. His thesis aims to formulate the artist’s visual structure of mind, offering an iconological, phenomenological and territorial analysis of his oeuvre.