Eglé Vismanté

The first scholarship for a young artist, created as part of the partnership the Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation entered with Villa Arson in 2017, was awarded on Saturday 14 October 2017 to Eglé Vismanté, during the autumn exhibition’s opening at Villa Arson.

Eglé Vismanté was born in Vilnius, Lithuania. She lives and works in Nice.

Building on miscellaneous news items and historic figures, she creates her own universe of different stories, which are sometimes strange or even absurd, and close to science fiction.

Her creative process involves eliding her imagination and history in order to produce micro-narratives.

Drawing is the fundamental medium in her working practice. It is very often the base of her other projects. Her drawings take inspiration from the imagery of science and art, and from the progress of technology, to effect a strange utopia. They question our relationship to the past, to authority figures and to the human condition.

Her drawings, executed in chalk or pencil on various media, are deliberately erased after a time and then drawn again. It is this process of appearance and disappearance that particularly fascinates the artist. The marks that remain tell their own story of this process, which can last weeks or months.

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Eglé Vismanté
Eglé Vismanté in front of Utopie rechutante