Research Scholarship

After graduating with a degree in philosophy in 2012 at the Paris-Sorbonne University (Paris IV), Milan Garcin obtained a master’s degree in philosophy and aesthetics under the supervision of Pr. Jacqueline Lichtenstein, with a specialisation in the appearance of abstract art, and colour theory, from a historiographical and epistemological perspective (‘The Quantum Eye’, Master’s Degree, Paris Sorbonne University, 2014). Since 2015 he has been working on a PhD in art history, under the supervision of Pr. Thierry Dufrêne (Paris X Nanterre University) and Caroline Cros (École du Louvre). He holds the first scholarship in art history to be awarded by the Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation, as part of the partnership the Foundation established with the École du Louvre.

His thesis, entitled ‘From the library to the experience: an analysis of Francis Bacon’s iconographical territory’ concerns the place of the artist in art history. Starting from an analysis of Francis Bacon’s bibliographical sources, conserved in the Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation Archive, and in several European and international institutions, his research will show the close links that connected the artist with the lands of Monaco and France, and also their influence on his works. His thesis aims to formulate the structure of the artist’s gaze, offering an iconological, phenomenological and territorial analysis of his work.

Aside from the academic area, Milan Garcin has also worked with artists in the fields of sound, painting, sound poetry, performance and photography, and has participated in several curatorial programmes and cultural events. He recently collaborated with Jean-Hubert Martin on his exhibition ‘Carambolages’ at the Grand Palais, where his involvement included contributing to the catalogue (In which language must we write art history?, Paris, Réunion des Musées Nationaux, 2016).


Milan Garcin
Milan Garcin