This ambitious architectural project (almost 1300 m²), made possible by an exceptional act of patronage, will see the reconfiguration of the entire establishment by placing documentation and research at the heart of its education and teaching.

The architectural and urban planning firm Agence Hart Berteloot Architectes has been commissioned to conduct the project.


Housed since 1972 in the Aile de Flore (Flore wing) at the Palais du Louvre, and redeveloped in 1997 as part of the Grand Louvre project which transferred the whole École du Louvre to the Aile de Flore (architect: Antoine Stinco), the school’s library is a specialist resource for history of art, archaeology and museology. Its role is both to provide a multimedia documentary resource centre to support teaching at the École du Louvre, and to house and preserve the school’s own heritage collections. As such, access to the library is exclusively reserved for students, teachers and researchers at the school and for other approved researchers.

Today, more than 20 years after its redevelopment, and in order to respond to change and to new social and educational practices, to the advances made in library science and digital document technology, to environmental requirements and its role as part of the Paris library network, the École du Louvre is undertaking an essential and ambitious programme to restructure and extend its library.

This will involve optimising the library space, updating its documentary policy and adapting the way it operates in line with future practices. This will entail:

  • offering more seating with a range of options for resource consultation;
  • upgrading the digital offering while maintaining the role of the book as a training tool;
  • redeveloping the public space, storage areas and offices;
  • introducing technological innovations (connectivity, robotics, IT, etc.);
  • promoting open access to documents and reader autonomy;
  • responding to the social and collaborative needs of students;  
  • optimising study conditions;
  • facilitating collaborative work, meetings and training;
  • improving user experience and study conditions in an aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly environment.

Research centre

The École du Louvre is a higher education establishment of the French Ministry of Culture and participates in scientific research in the fields of art history, the history of civilisations, archaeology, anthropology and museology.

To consolidate and coordinate the research work carried out at the school, there is a doctoral team made up of permanent members, associate members, associate researchers, postdoctoral students, guest researchers and third-cycle students. Today, the school’s community of more than 70 doctoral students is flourishing, and one of the objectives of this campaign of works is to offer this community working conditions that meet the needs of its activities and development.

The creation of the research centre will meet this need; it will provide facilities to welcome guest researchers from France and abroad; it will affirm its identity and offer greater visibility to the research carried out at the École du Louvre.

Documentation and IT services

The programme of works also includes an expanded restructuring of the documentary spaces and the redevelopment of the documentation and IT services, together with a global reorganisation to improve the working conditions at the school.


In addition to the redevelopment of the library, the cafeteria will be refurbished and reconfigured as a ‘third place’ for socialising and discussion, offering connectivity and incorporating alternative options for resource consultation.