The Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation is taking part in the exhibition ‘Shot in Soho’ held at The Photographers’ Gallery, London.


The Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation participates in the exhibition ‘Shot in Soho’ presented at The Photographers’ Gallery, London, until 09 February 2020, by sponsoring the event and lending several photographs from the MB Art Collection.

 ‘Shot in Soho’ is an original exhibition celebrating Soho’s diverse culture, community and history of creative innovation as well as highlighting its position as a site of resistance. Although the area of Soho is relatively small (one square mile) and bordered by some of London’s richest and most commercialised streets, it has remained a complex place of unorthodoxy, diversity, tolerance and defiance.

Through a range of photographs, ephemera and varied presentations, the project will reflect the breadth of life in a part of the capital that has always courted controversy and celebrated difference.

This exhibition will be a rare opportunity to see outstanding images from renowned photographers including William Klein, Anders Petersen and Corinne Day, alongside other photographers whose work in Soho is lesser known such as Kelvin Brodie, Clancy Gebler Davies and John Goldblatt.

The exhibition draws on the history, the myths and the characters of this hotbed of unpredictability, disobedience, eccentricity and tightly-knit communities.

More information on the exhibition here.

Clancy Gebler Davies, The Colony Room Club, 1999 – 2000 © Clancy Gebler Davies (Courtesy of the artist)

Daniel Farson, Francis Bacon at the Soho Fair, London, 1953 (Courtesy of the MB Art Collection)