Majid Boustany, the founder of the Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation,
interviewed on the TV programme ‘La Table des Matières’
with Guillaume Durand


As a guest on the ‘Table des Matières’ TV programme broadcast on Monaco Info on Wednesday 18 October 2017, Majid Boustany was invited to answer questions from Monaco Deputy Cultural Affairs Director Françoise Gamerdinger and journalist Alexandra Pani.

This programme explored the cultural influence of Monaco abroad. Majid Boustany and the journalist Guillaume Durand both took part: the former to speak about Francis Bacon’s many prolonged stays in Monaco and to explain why he decided to establish the Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation in the Principality; the latter to discuss culture in Monaco. The journalist also evoked his passion for the art of Francis Bacon.

© Manuel Vitali

© Manuel Vitali