A new publication from the Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation


As part of its mission, the Foundation publishes and co-publishes books on Francis Bacon or related to the artist.

This book is a new edition of the Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation’s first publication, originally issued in 2015. Redesigned in a larger format, it contains additional material about our institution, its mission and the founder’s collection.

The new publication has been enhanced by texts, photographs and contributions from the artist’s friends. In addition to the texts written by two eminent art historians, Martin Harrison and Eddy Batache, this edition includes writings from Anne-Marie Crété de Chambine, the artist John Pelling and the writer Yves Peyré. The book has also been revised to include the latest discoveries about Francis Bacon, enabling us to expand the biography section.

While not available for sale, this publication is offered to each visitor attending the guided tour of the Foundation.