The Collection

The Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation houses over 2,500 items dedicated to Francis Bacon. The founder has implemented an acquisitions policy, regularly enhancing the MB Art Collection in order to provide an essential tool for researchers and an exceptional resource for curators. 

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At the heart of the MB Art Collection is a selection of Bacon’s paintings from the late 1920s to the 1980s. The founder has also acquired paintings by artists whom Bacon knew - such as Graham Sutherland, Frank Auerbach, Denis Wirth-Miller, Vladimir Veličković, Maggi Hambling and Clare Shenstone - or painters who inspired him, like Walter Sickert. Works by artists who were influenced by Bacon's oeuvre, such as Robert Longo, complete the collection.


The photographic archive of the MB Art Collection is regularly enhanced. It gathers photographs of Bacon taken by leading photographers from the early 1940s to the early 1990s, as well as pictures taken by his friends, family and lovers.

Graphic Works

Bacon’s first lithographs were published in 1966 by Galerie Maeght in an issue of the art magazine Derrière le Miroir that was entirely dedicated to Bacon and prefaced by Michel Leiris. In 1971, to coincide with his legendary retrospective at the Grand Palais, Bacon’s first numbered and signed lithograph was printed under the artist’s close supervision. The MB Art Collection holds a large selection of graphic works covering Bacon’s oeuvre from 1966 to 2002.

Working Documents

Bacon was inspired by a spectacular diversity of source imagery. This visual reservoir is invaluable in researching the artist’s creative process. The artist often stated that “images breed other images in me”. Our collection comprises a selection of working documents from the painter's various studios.

Letters, Postcards and Official Documents

The MB Art Collection archives encompass official documents and a wide range of correspondence between Bacon, his family, companions and closest friends as well as writers and gallery curators or owners. These documents provide intriguing details of his relationships, travels and work.


Artefacts found in Bacon’s studios have been carefully chosen for their scholarly value. These unique items enlighten us on his working methods.


In 1930 and 1931, Bacon lived at 17 Queensberry Mews West in London’s South Kensington, establishing himself as a furniture and rug designer. His work as a designer was singled out in the August 1930 issue of The Studio magazine. His experience with interior spaces and his various designs later filtered into the composition of his paintings. The MB Art Collection includes several rare items from Bacon’s interior designer period.

Exhibition Catalogues

The collection encompasses exhibition catalogues, from Bacon’s earliest shows through to his posthumous exhibitions.


Our archives hold a selection of audio recordings, documentaries and filmed interviews.